The F-stop Clicker

Photographs of Gooi – mostly made in manual focus.

The F-stop Clicker


The camera captures more light information than our eyes could, that’s when the Milky Way appears bright in the darkest skies.
Several techniques were used to enhance image quality. By shooting at a relatively high ISO, the image gains more fine details and thus improve overall image sharpness. Noise levels were controlled using Adobe Lightroom.

Milky Way over Badger Creek Park

A Reflection through Badger Creek Lake

The Milky Way through a 28mm pespective.

Star Showers

Orion above Tents

Couple stargazing by the lake

Into the night

M31 and its neighbor.

  • For The Night Sky Collection

  • Date December 2014

  • Type Night Sky Collection

  • Lens Type Rokinon 12mm f/2.0

  • Camera Fujifilm X-M1

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